2017 List of Artists

ATTENTION ARTISTS: The individual artists pages are still being created so don't be alarmed if you page appears like a broken link. We will strive to have all the links working by September.

Name Location Medium
a.c.crafts Roslindale Congregational Church Mixed Media
Alison E Adams Roslindale House Jewelry
Andru Adam 31 Bexley Road Drawing
Kasey Davis Appleman 9 Lindall Street Mixed Media and Assemblage
Art Studio 99/Janice Williams 99 Belgrade Avenue* Mixed Media and Assemblage
Jon Barrows Art & Photography Roslindale House* Mixed Media and Assemblage
Beadcraft Etc./Barbara Trainer Roslindale Congregational Church Jewelry
Beaded Dragon Roslindale House Woodworking
Big Picture Art House Roslindale Congregational Church Photography
Phyllis D. Bluhm 55 Kittredge Street Mixed Media
Elizabeth Boates Roslindale House Ceramics
Bosom Friends 371 Poplar Street* Textiles
Crystal Burney 371 Poplar Street* Painting
Cathy Cahill/Mixed Media & Assemblage 289 Poplar Street* Mixed Media
Chikako Designs Roslindale House Textiles
Heather Cochran Roslindale House Photography
Jennifer Crowe Boston Cheese Cellar* Ceramics
Earringzz!!! Roslindale House Jewelry
Mark Eclipse 257 Metropolitan Ave Photography
Risa Edelstein 289 Poplar Street* Ceramics
Shira Espo 240 Kittredge St. Painting
Monica Fairbairn Roslindale Congregational Church Jewelry
Fire Garden Pottery Roslindale Congregational Church Ceramics
From The Heart~Cancer Cards & Art 2 Highfield Terrace Mixed Media
Julio Fuentes 371 Poplar Street* Wood, Metal, Fiber
Rebecca M. Fullerton Roslindale House Painting
Gabriel Jose 31 Bexley Rd. Drawing
Steve Gallagher's Steampunk & Industrial Lamps Roslindale House Lamps
Rose Gallogly Roslindale Congregational Church Painter
Eric Gehring Photography Roslindale Congregational Church Photography
Christoph Gervais Roslindale House Photography
Susan Goldman Ceramics Roslindale House Ceramics
Beth Greely - Roslindale Village Main Streets Banner Art RVMS Office Painting
Rachel Hammerman 40 Fletcher Street Drawing and Sculpture
Amy Hitchcock Joanne Rossman* Mixed Media
Elizabeth Hopkins Roslindale Congregational Church Photography
Hundred Day Haul Roslindale Congregational Church Photography
Wilson Hunt 95 Cliffmont Street Painting
JoeyMFK/Joey Francoeur-Krzyzek 64 Cedrus Avenue Painting
Linda C.B. Freeley Dandelions* Mixed Media
Carol A. Johnson 55 Kittredge St. Mixed Media
Amy Joyce Roslindale House Mixed Media
Ian Kennelly Music Connects* Mixed Media and Assemblage
Spencer Kirk-Jackson Birch St. House & Garden* Glass
Gary Koeppel 2 Vista Street* Painting
Chris Lang Photography Roslindale Congregational Church Photography
Hilary Law Music Connects* Textiles
Nina Lev 60 Arborough Road Mixed Media and Assemblage
Lynn Liberman 18 Sheldon Street Painting
Little Umbrella Studio Roslindale House Ceramics
Lush Beads Industrial/Liz Stewart Roslindale Congregational Church Jewelry
Mary McCusker 16 Ashfield Street Painting
Dan Murphy 205 Belgrade Ave. #2 Painting
Liz Nania Birch Street House & Garden* Mixed Media
Randy Nehila 56 Tyndale Street Painting
NJY LTD Photography Roslindale Congregational Church Photography
Ana Noordzij Boston Cheese Cellar* Ceramics
Anne E.G. Nydam Roslindale House Printmaking
Molly Marie O'Neill 371 Poplar St.* Sculpture
Yuko Oda 82 Johnswood Rd. Mixed Media
Pate Ceramics/Maggie Furtak Roslindale Congregational Church Ceramics
Richard Pepp Music Connects* Painting
The Perfect Box/Berline Chao Roslindale House Textiles
Pop Teez 9 Hautevale Street Printmaking
Jennifer Quigley 289 Poplar Street Painting
Sarah Ressler 52 Cedrus Avenue* Painting
Jocelyn Roach 52 Cedrus Avenue* Painting
Judith Robichaud Roslindale House Painting
Roslindale Soap Company Roslindale Congregational Church Soap
Nan Rumpf Roslindale House Painting
Mary Russell 60 Arborough Street* Painting
Tamara J. Safford 55 Kittredge St. Painting
Sagamore Craft/Nancy Donovan Roslindale Congregational Church Textiles
Lisa Sankowski 25 Robken Road Sculpture
Carin Schiewe Birch Street House & Garden* Mixed Media
Jodi Schmidt 371 Poplar Street* Textiles
Singing Stones Jewelry/Kelly Hopkins Roslindale Congregational Church Jewelry
Dennis Stein 2 Vista Street* Photography
Stephanie Stroud Roslindale Congregational Church Mixed Media and Assemblage
SunChildSoul Roslindale Congregational Church Jewelry
Teri Ton - Travel Photographer - "Walks of Life" Music Connects* Photography
Jonathan Ulman 36 Pinedale Road* Music
Judy Ulman 36 Pindale Road* Photography
Martin Ulman 36 Pindale Road* Sculpture
Michael Ulman 36 Pindale Road* Sculpture
Webster House Gallery Webster House* Mulitple Media
Casey Williams Roslindale Congregational Church Mixed Media
Glenn Williams 99 Belgrade Avenue* Painting
Zane Ceramics Roslindale Congregational Church Ceramics
Renee Zych 43 Ashfield Street Painting
*Multiple artists at one home studio or business site.