Ceramics / Pottery / Clay

Laurie Bloom (ROS Artist 2013)

Medium: Ceramics

I make decorative ceramic art that is often functional, using high fired stoneware. 







Maggie Furtak (ROS Artist 2013)

Medium: Ceramics/Pottery

I was sucked into the pottery studio by the rhythm of the work, the thrill of getting filthy, and the living smell of the clay. I love that potting is equal parts physical work, intellectual work, and artistic work. All of my glazes are non-toxic, lead-free, and food-safe. All pottery is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. A painting hanging on the wall is a lovely thing, but a favorite coffee mug is an entirely different animal. Handmade pottery is a way to add a little ritual every cup of tea.




Roger Galuska (ROS Artist 2013)

Rock Garden Pottery, Medium: Clay

High-fired wheel-thrown functional stoneware with a design adapted from the potter’s Polish-American heritage. Roger etches his designs in free-hand. They are adapted from Polish wood-carvings done in a town called Zakopane (Zah-ko-pah-nyeh) in the Tatra Mountains of southern Poland.Zakopane happens to be near the town where Roger’s own family comes from, and that is the connection to him and his pottery. He mixes and develops all his own glazes. His work is microwave- and dishwasher-safe. 


Susan Goldman (ROS Artist 2013)

Susan Goldman Ceramics, Medium: Ceramics

Wheel-thrown and hand-built functional ceramics. Colorful and lovely stoneware pottery, much of it hand carved or painted with decorative designs and or nature imagery.