Alison Adams (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Jewelry & Hair Accessories

I love working with beads because they afford me a means of self-expression that has infinite possibilities. I am drawn to beads because they come in every color of the rainbow and beyond, because they sparkle and come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.  I love “playing” with beads – by combining bright colors, shapes and textures, I can create designs that are unique, fun and playful. I do not stick to one style or design I love to experiment with patterns, and the result is versatile jewelry that can be worn for any occasion. All of my pieces are hand fabricated, including bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I also create hair accessories in the form of barrettes and bobby pins. I use a variety of materials, including crystal, Czech glass, freshwater pearls, seed beads, semi-precious stones, and silver and gold accents.

Pat Brazill (ROS Artist 2013)

Pat Brazill Chain Maille Jewelry LLC, Medium: Jewelry - Chain Maille

In our industrialized and tech savvy world, making chain maille jewelry seems almost archaic, and I suppose that’s part of its appeal. Making maille is an ancient hand process requiring nothing more than two pliers. These are used to weave small metal rings together in various repeating patterns. My style of maille jewelry is understated. I use predominately sterling silver rings or silver & gold rings together to make pendants, earrings, bracelets & necklaces based on patterns found in Europe, Japan and the Middle East. My studio is at Gorse Mill Studios in Needham, MA. I teach chain maille classes & make maille full time.

Liz Brenner (ROS Artist, 2013)

Liz Beads, Medium: Jewelry 

Passions that inspire me to create jewelry include my love of color, texture and fashion. I appreciate the sparkle and spark in the materials. These are sold in vials and packets, metals by the gram. Is it dependence or abuse? This is a question for my day job as a psychotherapist and teacher of mental health professionals. The more supplies I have, the more possibilities there are for innovation. Working to design each piece with openness to possibility, mindfulness and patience is a parallel process to counseling, looking for the beauty in life and creating space for it to emerge.

Jill Cohen (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Mixed Media, Jewelry

Truly Art from the Heart-imaginative mixed media jewelry, adornments, assemblages, funky structures - WHIMSICAL EVERYTHING!

America Cutter (ROS Artist, 2013)

Camla, Medium: Jewelry

My jewelry designs embrace the beauty of nature and art, especially flowers, the ocean and sculptural elements. It strikes a beautiful balance between simplicity and femininity with a modern aesthetic. With a keen eye for colors, textures and shapes, I strive to make jewelry that is unique and elegant yet wearable. I use a combination of metalsmithing and beading techniques to create high-quality jewelry with the finest quality materials, mainly precious and semiprecious gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, .925 sterling silver, 14k gold filled and 18k-24k gold vermeil precious metals.

Donna DeMaria (ROS Artist, 2013)

Designs By Donna, Medium: Jewelry

I make beaded jewelry with sterling silver, pearls, lampwork beads, crystals and semi-precious stones. My jewelry ranges from conservative to funky at a price that anyone can afford. 

Heather DeSimone (ROS Artist, 2013)

Leetie Lovendale, Medium: Jewelry

Created from the remains of a Rhode Island plastics company, Leetie Lovendale products creatively take advantage of the strange odds and ends that otherwise would’ve been thrown away and wasted. Colorful and unique, these pieces of jewelry now shine off the ears of their lucky owners and reflect the amount of love and care dedicated to production. Heather carefully hand-makes each piece from her studio at home while caring for her two young sons. A passion for craft and color can easily be seen in her impeccable products. Her creations are one-of-a-kind and irresistibly smile-inducing!

Linda Endicott Kuczynske (ROS Artist, 2013)

Crafty Honey Bee, Medium: Beaded and Mixed Media Jewelry

Linda Kuczynski has been crafting for as long as she can remember. Her love of all things arts and crafts stems from her Mother and Grandma-mama. One of her fist projects was an embroidery kit for children of flowers in a basket, which she completed at age five. Linda lovingly calls her creations and findings "treasures" - and her husband, Chris, lovingly “puts up” with her half finished projects, craft-talk, and treasure hunting.

Monica Fairbairn (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Jewelry

Monica Fairbairn creates vibrant, colorful designs to fashion unusual necklaces made of beads from Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Her inspiration comes from a cornucopia of materials adapted for adornment in traditional cultures, and recalls old ideas transformed into her own modern creations. Her work has been shown at Dedham Square Artist Guild, The Shop at the Arsenal Center for the Arts, Karenna Maraj collection, at Open Studios in Jamaica Plain, Watertown, Hyde Park, Roslindale, Cambridge, Dedham, Charlestown, and Jamaica in the West Indies. She lives and works in Watertown, MA.

Malanie Guerra (ROS Artist, 2013)

Dream Big Arts, Medium: Jewelry and Photography

Melanie Guerra is obsessed with detail. Whether in the intricate work of her handmade jewelry designs, or the vibrant color and perspective of her photography, this obsession shines through. She has been working in both of her mediums for over 20 years, and enjoys the challenges that come with constantly evoloving her creative life. Her work has been sold to clients around the world, and she is still honored each time someone purchases a peice she made with her hands or conceived through her lens. This is her second year exhibiting at Roslindale Open Studios, and she is thrilled to be back!

Cynthia Hang'em High (ROS Artist, 2013)

Hang'em High Jewelry, Medium: Jewelry & Photography

Spirit of the Southwest, depicted in jewelry designs and photo cards. Wicked Cool jewelry!

Kristin Seekircher (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Jewelry

Barbara Trainer (ROS Artist, 2013)

Beadcraft Etc. 

Eclectic, unusual necklaces, bracelets and earrings are crafted by designer Barbara Trainer. Precious and semi-precious metals, hand-blown glass and organic materials are used in unique combinations to create striking, wearable art.