Harikleia Harriet Kuliopulos

Medium: Painting
Location: Home Studio - 26 Conway Street
Also at this location: Barbara Kibler - Fine Artist

For artist Harikleia Harriet Kuliopulos, it all starts with color and light—evocative, beautiful, intriguing. “Painting, for me, is a visual meditation in form, color, and space. From the first strong impulse to the last consideration, it’s a response to the beauty of light moving over a form, illuminating the land or absent in shadow. This joyful, Impressionist rendering of what I see visually, as the color of light, connects to what I see inwardly—to memory, stories of people and place, to things deeply felt and understood.”
Harikleia studied at MassArt and the Museum School and was mentored by nationally known portraitist and Cape School artist Cedric Egeli.