Mixed Media / Assemblage

Kasey Davis Appleman (ROS Artist & ROS Planning Committee Co-Chair)
Medium: Mixed Media,

Kasey Davis Appleman is a collector, assembler, painter, photographer, and arts educator. She finds inspiration through her love of nature and her obsession with collecting antiques, miniatures and the “found object.” Her art captures the beauty of texture, the mystery of assembling and the quirky happenstance of objects and nature. Driftwood, metal, glass, paper remnants, broken bits, and other precious “finds” bring her mixed media to life. Visit her HOME STUDIO at 9 Lindall Street to see mixed media assemblage and photography. 

Jessica Burko (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Mixed Media

Using encaustic with mixed-media and constructions such as paper quilts, I explore alternative methods of storytelling. The result is non-linear, autobiographical narrative created through upcycling and combining found ephemera with original imagery. The stitched, collaged, layered aspects of life, pieces of domestic space, and unexpected portraits, are both real and imagined. Through this work discarded materials are unified as a way to reclaim the past and blend it with the present.



Jill Cohen (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Mixed Media, Jewelry

Truly Art from the Heart-imaginative mixed media jewelry, adornments, assemblages, funky structures - WHIMSICAL EVERYTHING!


Jane Estella (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Found Object Sculpture and Assemblage

Jane Estella has been collecting found objects from around bodies of water since 1993. Estella's works contain unaltered objects, which once had specific functions. Her talent is to combine them in unexpected juxtapositions, with emphasis on colors, textures, weathering, corrosion, and erosion.  Within her pieces, the objects are assembled or made to balance, conveying equilibrium and serenity. There is a subtle Asian influence.  

Estella is an experienced Registered Architect and Interior Designer. She received her degree from Pratt Institute and holds credentials in Architectural Engineering and Interior Design, and has served as an instructor and critic for schools of design. 



Jodi Schmidt (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Mixed Media

I work in bits and pieces of paper, fabric, and wood to create fun simple images that I love to make and share.