June Alexandra (ROS Artist, 2013)

Sip, Dip And Dabble, Medium: Guided hands-on painting experience with Acrylic Paint

Paint your heART out with...sip dip and dabble. We  are a traveling paint party and we would love to unleash your inner Picasso. Anyone (children or adults) can paint with us at our live workshop during our open studios event at Select Cafe. No experience or talent necessary. We will guide you step by step until your painting is completed. $20.00 is all it takes to create your very own masterpiece on a 16 x 20 canvas, we provide everything you will need. Workshops will be held at the top of the hour, every hour, from 11am-5pm. This is an opportunity to paint your heART out and a stop that you wont want to miss on the open studios tour. Please allow 1 hour with us to take in the entire experience.

Daniel Austin (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Watercolor


I endeavor to capture a place and time when nothing out of the ordinary is happening. The passage of time then become less sad because we can go back to that moment whenever we want.

Marijo Carrigan (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Acrylics, Oils and Watercolors

Initially, I used watercolor as a painting medium which has helped me become more aware of the many nuances it offers. Within the past few years, I've been exploring the challenges(and frustrations) inherent to acrylics and oils. Wherever I happen to be at the moment, I can become more aware of surroundings, contrasts (light, darkness, shapes, etc.) 

Larry Chafe

Medium: Paintings on Slate

I paint on old roof slates using spray paints. I try to incorporate the texture of the slate into the design. The designs are minimalist and I use bold colors to help bring out the texture of the slate.

Cory Conley (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Acrylics and Oils

Originally from upstate New York, Cory’s family includes several painters. With a degree in Cinema and Photography, and over a decade of electronic music production and songwriting as his primary creative outlet, Cory purchased paint several years ago just to see if he “could do it too”. Influenced by his love of Cape Cod, Cory never tires of painting the sea, land, and sky.  His goal is for his paintings to convey mood and to elicit emotion. “I’m not so much interested in painting something perfectly. My goal is to create a beautiful image that draws the viewer in, and then encourages them to create the story themselves.”

Jack Coronella (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Painting

Jack Coronella is a native and former resident of Roslindale exploring oil, acrylic and watercolor painting styles with an interest in cityscapes. Jack is new to the art scene having taken up painting in earnest in 2008. Jack recently won second prize for his recent acrylic work in the 18th Annual Arts Affair held last August.  

Joey Francoeur-Krzyzek (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Painting & Printmaking

JoeyFrancoeur Krzyzek_ROS2013.jpg

I became an artist late in life and am fueled each day by an intensifying passion to create art. I'm primarily a painter, printmaker, and book artist, and enjoy exploring and experimenting with various mediums to find the best way to represent a particular subject or concept. I find inspiration in nature and the human condition, and much of my work is an attempt to express this inspiration. I feel my art reflects my own personal interpretation and perspective of life and is naturally infused with the essence of myself.

Paul Hastings (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Oil Landscapes

Boston artist Paul Hastings works in oil to capture light-filled landscapes and still life vignettes. One can see the mark of his graphic design background in his use of shape, color, and composition. Paul works “en plein air” on the outer cape and at home. Cards of his work will also be available.

Gillian Jackson (ROS Artist, 2013)

Gillian Jackson Photography

Medium: Photography & Painting

Hailing from the north of England, Gillian moved to Bermuda in the early '80s, where, inspired by the clear, bright light and startling colours and contrasts, she began studying and pursuing photography, which has now also developed into painting. Two important themes of Gillian's work in both photography and painting are architecture and natural landscape settings.  She constantly tries to capture and frame beauty wherever it may be found, either the obvious or, more commonly, beauty in more obscure surroundings.

Brent Ridge (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Painting & Collage

Light, heavy, thick, thin, viscous, sticky, runny, blotchy, luminous: these terms are the descriptions of paint and what paint does, and I am interested in pursuing abstract painting’s problems through a process of transformation with a multiplicity of forms and materials. The disjuncture between the modern and the postmodern consciousness remains a furtive arena of exploration to me where the fragments of painting play out in an endless complex game of image making. My interest in the sign, or signifier as a communicative device has a strong impact on the on surface, shape and form of the painting.

Nan Rumpf

Medium: Water Media


The process of painting is what most captivates me. I like to see how watercolors react to different surfaces and to other art mediums. These experiments give me something to respond to and motivate me to develop each painting. I may see a texture that I want to emphasize or see a shape that I want to develop. Sometimes a theme begins to present itself and I go with it. Making one change often strongly suggests the next. I am attempting to capture the essence of form, shape, color and value from my observations, memories, and imaginings.

Mary Russell (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Oil, Watercolor & Pastel

Color, light and the fabulous qualities of paint and pigment continue to draw me in. I have been seeking to broaden my approach while continuing primarily in landscapes. Returning to familiar scenes to work in series has allowed for looser application and color. Pastels came along this year to explode the palette and intensity of colors.

Tamara Safford (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Arcylic/Watercolor

I am working on watercolors that reflect a recent trip to Israel and the art colony of ZEFAT. My work is abstract expressionism, sometimes illustrative and narrative based on folkloric influences. Recently, I am interested in opening conversations about the subject of Artists and we as artists group ourselves. This inspired me to draw caricatures of many of my fellow writers and artists....How we Are In A Group...or Groupings.....

Ann Turley (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Oil Painting