Paper / Fiber

Berline Chao

The Perfect Box

Medium: Fabric, Paper, Fiber

Berline Lee Chao is an admired fan of Tomoko Fuse for her designs on origami boxes. She has been folding her boxes with selected papers and fabrics for the past several years. The gift boxes are individually hand folded and put together in unit origami methods with subtle or no gluing necessary.

Lisa Sankowski

Medium: Works on-and with-Paper

I'm an artist and educator living in Roslindale, MA. I was raised in Vermont, and I strive to make my love of the New England landscape, its flora and fauna, evident in my art. Most of my work is based in transparent watercolor technique. I also paint and collect papers to layer into small, representational works. Occasionally I experiment with digital photography. For me, making art is a practice of mindful awareness and a pleasure, and my subjects and approaches are eclectic.