Kasey Davis Appleman (ROS Artist & Planning Committee Co-Chair)
Medium: Mixed Media, Photography

Kasey Davis Appleman is a collector, assembler, painter, photographer, and arts educator. She finds inspiration through her love of nature and her obsession with collecting antiques, miniatures and the “found object.” Her art captures the beauty of texture, the mystery of assembling and the quirky happenstance of objects and nature. Driftwood, metal, glass, paper remnants, broken bits, and other precious “finds” bring her mixed media to life. Visit her HOME STUDIO at 9 Lindall Street to see mixed media assemblage and photography. 

Jon Barrows (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Photography

I am primarily a nature photographer, I do some landscapes, but I especially love macro work-flowers, butterflies, bees, tree bark, you name it. I sell matted and framed prints as well as photo cards.

Mary Butler (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Photography


I've been involved in photography for a number of years. I photograph anything I find interesting or inspiring. My focus is on flowers, people and still life. The past couple of years, I've been editing my photos into abstract designs, and that is the primary focus of my work now.

Heather Cochran (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Photography

My pictures tend to show the small details in things. I enjoy shooting local sites around Roslindale, the rest of Boston, Fenway, and the beach.

Rob Festa (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Fine Art Photography

As an architect, I follow a process, a set of rules if you will, when given the charge to create built environment from my imagination. I start with a concept, which develops into detailed drawings, three-dimensional renderings and models, and eventually takes shape as a tangible object. I consider proportions, massing, composition, context, and how one might interact with my creation. I approach photography in the same way. When I encounter a scenario that interests me I begin to consciously develop my concept. I ask myself, what is the best angle (proportions and massing), composition (symmetry or asymmetry), context (what to capture in the frame), and most importantly, how one might interact with my creation. I look for spontaneous composition in both built form and in nature. The interplay of light and shadow and the distortion of scale and color add to the abstract reality portrayed in many of my photographs. Most often I do not have my camera with me when discovering a subject to photograph, enabling me to contemplate the design process. I shoot my photographs with Nikon’s d70s and d90 digital SLR cameras and process them with Apple Aperture, iPhone and Adobe Photoshop.

Christoph Gervais (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Photography

My interest in photography began during my architectural studies in college. The need to photograph conceptual and final design models introduced me to technical aspects of lighting, composition and the basics of macro photography. While in school I took a photography class that involved developing black and white film. Shooting exclusively in black and white, I learned to find subjects with a wide range of contrast and strong textures. Over time I have gradually transitioned to digital photography. My work as a technical graphic designer has provided me experience in Photoshop in addition to knowledge of color management principles and color correction techniques, which are useful when working in the "digital darkroom".

Erik Gehring (ROS Artist, 2013)

Erik Gehring Photography

As a nature photographer I am drawn to the beauty of the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, not simply because I live minutes away.  This Boston treasure offers boundless opportunity to explore the natural world, featuring thousands of species of flora from around the world.  I relish wandering the grounds with my camera, in all four seasons, in fair weather and foul, examining the park’s continuously shifting dynamic. 

Malanie Guerra (ROS Artist, 2013)

Dream Big Arts, Medium: Jewelry and Photography

Melanie Guerra is obsessed with detail. Whether in the intricate work of her handmade jewelry designs, or the vibrant color and perspective of her photography, this obsession shines through. She has been working in both of her mediums for over 20 years, and enjoys the challenges that come with constantly evoloving her creative life. Her work has been sold to clients around the world, and she is still honored each time someone purchases a piece she made with her hands or conceived through her lens. This is her second year exhibiting at Roslindale Open Studios, and she is thrilled to be back!

Cynthia Hang'em High (ROS Artist, 2013)

Hang'em High Jewelry, Medium: Jewelry & Photography

Spirit of the Southwest, depicted in jewelry designs and photo cards. Wicked Cool jewelry!

Kristen Mallery Hooks (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Photography

Kristin started capturing heart images in 2003, all in their natural settings. As more hearts appear, her collection of Hearts Happen keeps growing and evolving. Have fun finding your favorites; most are in nature while other hearts are hiding in your soup, a shadow, bagel or even trash!

Christopher Sargent (ROS Artist, 2013)

Medium: Photography

My visual approach to photography is to capture the nuances in life that we often take for granted: the man-made sturctures intertwined with nature; the beauty and depth that can be brought out of a person, presenting them in an entirely new light... The world moves too fast these days, and I feel fortunate that I am able to record these images at my own pace. Through exploration, trial & error, and sometimes blind faith, I attempt to produce works that will instill emotions, whatever they may be, within you, as they do me.