Choosing a Group Site:

Roslindale House

Roslindale House

Space is limited; artists will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Site assignments and placement within sites will be determined by the event coordinators based on the artist-applicant's date of registration, medium, and display needs. Requests for particular sites and spaces will be considered but are not guaranteed.

Information on each Group Site:

Group Site Registration Fee:  $150

Artist Information for Group Sites

  • Know your location

  • Visit the artist location page on our web site for more info.

  • Each Group Site Artist is allotted approximately a 8 ft. by 8 ft. exhibit space.

  • Your individual space will be marked with your name. and there will be a Site Coordinator at each site to help you get oriented.

  • You will be provided with a display table if you requested one on your registration form. Please note that pegboards are no longer provided.

  • There are chairs available at all sites.

  • There are electrical outlets, but you should have extension cords if you plan to use the power. If you need an electrical outlet, you must note this in your registration.

  • You should bring anything else you might need: step stool, lighting, extension cords, painter’s tape, etc.

  • All rooms and buildings will be locked overnight and are secure.

  • If you bring drinks or snacks to give to visitors, please be respectful of our donated spaces. Please consider hard candies and chocolates to avoid crumbs and spills. 

  • Break-Down: The Open Studios officially wraps up on Sunday at 5pm.  All artists are expected to break down at the designated ending time for the event (5 p.m.)

  • *Chairs and tables are not available for Turtle Swamp Bierhalle. Be prepared to bring your own.

Display space:  You are allotted approximately 5 ft x 10 feet of exhibit space. You make personalize the space with reasonably sized items such as a display walls, small tables, card racks, bins for unframed work, etc. Please make your exhibit as attractive as you can, but do not block the view of or infringe on your neighbors’ spaces.

Artists showing on tables: Please plan your exhibit to fit a 6’x30” table approximately, unless you have made other arrangements with Coordinators. You may also bring additional items, within reason, such as card racks.  Thank you for your understanding of shared space.