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Quick Tips for Roslindale Open Studio Artists

We know you’ve been busy creating art but we wanted to give you some quick tips and friendly reminders for marketing and collaboration in order to make your experience at Roslindale Open Studios the best yet! Read on for more info! Click here to download a pdf of this information.

  1. Take advantage of the technology available to market yourself! Make sure you advertise that you’ll be at Roslindale Open Studios on your website, Facebook, twitter and e-mail list! Consider using free services like Mail Chimp,, and LinkedIn to advertise as well. Don't forget to reach out to your friends and family. They're your biggest fans! Use our postcards or social media to remind them to come visit you!

  2. Make extra signage and postcards to promote yourself. This tip is particularly helpful if you are a home studio! Displaying extra signage will help you to stand out! Collaborate with other home studios in your area to team up with signs. Be sure to have balloons at your home studio. Use chalk to draw arrows to your location. If you are a home studio, perhaps place a piece of art in one of your front windows to draw people inside. 

  3. Accept Credit Cards Studies show that vendors who accept credit cards have more successful sales. Thanks to, this process is now a breeze! Sign up online ASAP and the folks at square will mail you a free credit card reader within a week or two.

  4. Do a test run. Think about doing a test setup before the event at your home or studio so that setup will be a breeze on the weekend of the event.

  5. Pack extra supplies. You never know what you may need! Pack a small container of tape, nails, wire, hooks, scissors, etc. 

  6. Keep a sign in book for guests. Having a sign in book available during the weekend is an easy way to keep track of your visitors and to build your mailing list!

  7. Display your name and artist statement. Definitely be sure your name and business is prominently displayed. It is a nice touch to include an artist statement about you and your work for visitors to read.

  8. Vary your work so you have a variety of price points available. This is not required but it’s a good thing to think about. It’s not always easy to sell a large piece of work; so providing smaller pieces at lower prices gives visitors an opportunity to support you if they aren’t ready to make a big commitment. 

  9. Once you sell that big piece, take payment at the event and offer to deliver the piece once the event is over, so you still have a chance to display your work. Also be sure to photograph the piece before you hand it over to the seller!

  10. Network! Network! Network! ROS is about more than selling art. IT’s about networking and meeting other people. It’s also a great opportunity to get press, collaborate and have fun! Visitors to this event love to support the local arts and may want to get to know you more! Take your cues from them when they are viewing your art.

  11. Have a lunch plan. Don’t forget to pack some snacks and beverages for the day, especially if you are the only one at your booth or studio.

  12. Recruit help! In addition to ROS looking for volunteers for the weekend, you may need some extra help too. Be sure to have a plan of action if you think you’re going to need assistance!

  13. Have snacks available!  Consider providing some refreshments, especially if you are a home studio. If you are at a group site, check with your site coordinator to find out more info about whether or not your site is providing refreshments.

  14. Post event wrap-up Send a thank you note to your visitors, return your banners and fill out your ROS survey! Your visitors will appreciate hearing from you and the ROS Committee is always eager for your feedback. It’s your feedback that helps us make changes so that ROS gets better each year!

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